We are always glad to have more volunteers!

Research shows that children do better in school when parents get involved. Some of the major benefits of parent involvement include; earn better grades, score higher on tests, pass their classes, attend school regularly, have better social skills, show improved behavior, be more positive in their attitude toward school, complete homework assignments, graduate and continue their education, etc. We have so many opportunities for you to volunteer all year long!

IMPORTANT: Please note even if you filled out a School Volunteer Forms last year – a new one must be filled out for this school year: School Volunteer Form and turned into the school office.

New to Friends of CPJMA (PTO)?

If you want to try out some volunteer hours? Or you are not sure what you want to do? No problem! You can pledge to give 2 hours to our school this year. Click here to sign up!

Classroom Volunteer

Your child(ren)’s teachers can use some of your help! Please ask your child(ren)’s teacher for classroom volunteer information.

PTO Event Volunteer

If you turned in the 2 Hour Pledge, our volunteer coordinator will contact you for each event! Also you may sign up for each event online or turn in the forms if there are the flyers!

2 Hour Power Pledge

The PTO is only able to do what we do because of our volunteers! We know parents are busy. But we believe that all parents can offer something unique and beneficial to our school. We are asking each parent to pledge to volunteer for 2 hours this year. If even 200 parents volunteer 2 hours per year, that would …

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Trunk or Treat 2017 Trunk Decoration

Got Trunk? We need a lot of trunks(cars) for Trunk or Treat event! We are expecting to have 500+ children, and more trunks more excited they will be! If you are voted as the best trunk of this year’s Trunk or Treat, not only you can take home the bragging right, but also you will …

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Trunk or Treat 2017 Volunteer Sign Up

WE NEED YOUR HELP! To make Trunk or Treat successful, we need a lot of parent volunteers! Please read the volunteer job description below and sign up by submitting the form below! Volunteer opportunities: Haunted Library Set Up: Thursday, Oct. 26, 2:30pm to 6pm If you LOVE to decorate spooky haunted house, this job is …

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