Trunk or Treat 2018 Trunk Decoration

Got Trunk?

We need a lot of trunks(cars) for Trunk or Treat event!

We are expecting to have 500+ children, and more trunks more excited they will be!

If you are voted as the best trunk of this year’s Trunk or Treat, not only you can take home the bragging right, but also you will receive $50 certificate at Bayside Landing!

All the trunk participants MUST park the car on the blacktop no later than 4:30pm, and will have to stay until the event ends at 8pm.

You can park in as early as 2:30pm and decorate your trunk at the parking.

All the decoration MUST be done by 5pm when the children start to trick or treating.

Please submit the form below to sign up your trunk!

Trunk or Treat Decorating Cars

The event provides a safe environment for TRUNK or Treating. We need volunteers with cars that will be decorated, parked inside the campus during the event, and handing out candies. Timeline<4:30-5:00 Park on the black top, 5:00-5:30 Decorate your vehicle, 5:30-7:30 Trunk or Treating, 8:00-8:30 Exit lot> *For the safety of our children, no cars will be allowed to exit the lot until the event is over. **Please leave your candies at home. Candies for passing out will be provided! If you can volunteer with your vehicle, please fill out the form below.
    Please check in the box above if you agree to all the requirements.