Running Club!

Are you ready for this year’s Running Club? Running Club will be back this week! It is so nice to start a day at school with running! Come to school a little bit early and join us!

Running club is every morning Monday- Friday from 7:25-7:35

Each student will have a card in their corresponding box. The boxes are organized by teacher and will be available every morning on the lunch tables.runningclub01

Parent volunteers mark off each lap the student runs. Once a student completes a card we can write him/her a new card so they can continue running. For each card the students complete they will receive a foot charm. We give them a charm and chain after the first card, after that they receive only the charm.

*We need parents to help out with marking laps. All they have to do is show up by 7:25 grab a marker from our supplies and start marking.

We are working on having all the cards completed by next week. I just placed an order for more cards today and as soon as they arrive we will make sure each student has a card to start with. For now the cones and music will be set up for the kids to run without tracking the laps.