Running Club has officially started!

Running club has officially started! The kids were so excited to get their mileage marker cards today. The participation for the first day was excellent. Each class had at least 3 runners and some classes as many as 11 runners. Overall a great turnout for the first day.

Here are some details and information for new families with new runners this year.
-Running club time is every morning from 7:25-7:35
-Each student has a running card in their designated box according to their teacher.
-The students get their own card at the beggining and return the card to the parent volunteers at the end.
-All cards are kept in the boxes in order to account for participation and prevent them from getting lost.
– When a student finishes a card a new one will be written and they can continue running.
-If parents are interested in helping out they can help by marking laps. All they need is to show up by 7:25 grab a marker and start checking off those laps! We sort cards at the end and can always use extra hands with that as well.

Running club will continue to be a great success thanks in part to our volunteers and the students’ motivation to run!