Important Audition Information – Please Read

This is our Missoula Children’s Theatre residency week! Today is audition day at 2:15 in the Auditorium!


The audition will start promptly at 2:15 PM on Monday, April 25 in the CPJMA Auditorium and will last 2 hours. Students who are auditioning should head straight to the auditorium after school. Some parents may want to walk their children over and get them signed in, but parents cannot stay on campus during the audition or rehearsals. There will be parent volunteers as additional supervision. Pick up is at 4:20 pm from the Auditorium exterior door. Lead roles will need to stay for their first audition the same day- but we won’t know who it is until after the audition.

At this point, we have approximately 55 students auditioning, so please communicate to your child that participation in the audition does not guarantee a part in the show. The Missoula directors try to make sure the audition is a great experience for all. Students do not need to prepare anything special for the audition, and it is mostly done in a large group format. Encourage them to listen carefully to instructions and follow all directions. The Actor/Directors will have the cast chosen by the end of the audition and will let everyone know their roles and commitments at that time. Please come to pick up your child from the auditorium exterior door at 4:20 pm on Monday. (Lead actors will have to stay beyond 4:20, but we won’t know who they will be until Monday.)

**Students must have a signed permission slip to audition- we can still accept them Monday unless we hit our participant maximum. Students who miss the audition or any rehearsals will not be able to participate. You should have received a confirmation email if we received your permission slip! Please email us if you did not receive it!**

Parents Jill Bhowmik, Kari Robinson and Auburn Williams along with Ms. Ferries will be checking in students, and assisting Kinders and Prime Time/Connect the World students in getting to the audition.

On the subsequent days (T-F), your children may or may not have rehearsal immediately after school- depending on their part. Most students will have rehearsal every day. You can e-mail Kari/Jill if you have any questions about whether or not you have a student has rehearsals. Detailed rehearsal schedules will go out at the time of casting!

Thank you for your support- this is going to be a GREAT creative and performing arts experience for our kids!


Please mark your calendars for the 2 performances on Saturday: at 3 pm & 5:30 pm at CPJMA and planning to be outdoors. Tickets are $10 for adults and $5 for students. Come support around 50 of our CPJMA students who will be working hard all week for this awesome show!

Kari Robinson

Jill Bhowmik