2021/2022 Board Members

Friends of Crown Point Jr. Music Academy is happy to announce our 2021/2022 PTO Board

We also have some great opportunities to get involved and help out if you are interested or would like to reach any of the current board members please contact us by emailing us at cpjmusicacademy@gmail.com

2021/2022 Board Members

President: Colleen Kelly

Vice President: Kelly Gimelli

Secretary: Jenn Zamba

Communications Chair: Shannon Overton

Treasurer: Pilar Agejas

Grant Writing Chair: Alicia Baskel

Parliamentarian: Britton Lacy

Hospitality Chair: Keila Rulli & Christina Patrick

Auditor: Denise Rhodes

Teacher Representative: Susie Sor

Volunteer Recruiter: Trina Spuris
Fundraising Chair – Paul Falcone, Rick Ruppert, Carolyn Brown
Assembly Chair – Brittney Gregg
Military Representative – Andrew Kolb

Graphic Design/T-Shirts – Carolyn Brown, Britton Lacy

2021/2022 Open Board Positions

ELAC Liaison
2021/2022 Support Members
Book Fair Coordinator: Christina Patrick & Keila Tiemy
5th Grade Parent Representative: Andrea Statton
Gardening Team Representative: Kathryn Scade
Movie Night Coordinator: Chris Dumm

Open Support Role Positions (does not require you to be a member of the board)

Violin Support Representative